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San Francisco Police shoot & kill 19 yr old

Warning: the video is graphic.

Yesterday, at 4:45 p.m., SFPD shot a teenager who fled during a fair inspection on a Muni light rail car. The cops claimed that he was armed and had fired shots at them first. After the suspect was shot in the back, no gun was found. Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar? 

Seriously though, you shot a 19 yr old over a $2 fair? And he later died in the hospital, all because he didn’t pay a $2 fair & you assumed he had a gun. Back up arrived before an ambulance did. No back up was needed. There were already other cops on the scene, some even carrying assault rifles.  The man was on the ground fighting for his life. That moment in the video where he struggles to even attempt to get up is some of the most chilling video I’ve seen. Ever. 

It’s okay though right? America will probably ignore this & move on to some more mindless crap,  as is usually the case. I’ve seen it before with the Oscar grant case, Sean bell, James Brissette, and countless others. When will this country’s collective conscious wake up?

 i’m tired of shit like this happening 

smfh what the fuck ever happened to shoot to injure not shoot to kill ! 

I’m so sickened by this. We’re losing our black man for what? For the color of their skin? Such bullshit. And he was only fucking 19 and had his whole life ahead of him. I hope you rest in peace dear 

This makes me so mad and WHY DOESNT THIS HAVE MILLIONS OF NOTES. this is more then just what we see on the news it’s reality for the black community.

take note that more police arrived and there are still no paramedics in sight. they called for POLICE BACKUP against a dying teenager BEFORE THEY CALLED FOR AN AMBULANCE TO KEEP HIM ALIVE. 

[note this is an “old” event, but forever relevant]



So #carefreeblackgirl2k14 birthday today.

Not because I feel it necessarily, but because I need it.

TW Suicide attempt mentioned

I’ll be 27 and well I made/ will be making (grammar?) 20 years since my 1st suicide attempt. My 1st therapist said I wouldn’t make it past 20. So …

I want to go to a (or few) random happy hours that are not infiltrated only by yts
Frolic on the beach
Get a pedi with my love
I want to go dancing
I want to draw or fuck it better yet finger paint
Swing at the park
Skateboard even though I don’t know how
Get some really good tacos from mi tia
Smoke and look at the sunset.

Just because
Because I exist and damn it that’s reason enough. And especially because I didn’t think I’d see this birthday.

Already did two of these

Frolic on the beach after a nice morning exercise
Got them tacos. Nadie lo hace como mi tía.

Next Skateboarding on the way to liquor :)

BAPS is the most cringe-worthy spectacle of Black people on television.


Anisha Morrell opened the show…


…with these comments.

We’re not like our urban counterparts by any stretch of the imagination, because we were raised in the suburbs.  The Project Black, The Good Times Black — we don’t relate to that.  We’re Cosby Blacks…gone wild.

I don’t know anything about government cheese, or gold chains.  I’ve never worn a gold chain in my life.  Like never.

If you’re not throwing up yet, read on.

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Young and Gay: Jamaica’s Gully Queens

After being forced from shacks, derelict buildings, and their own families, many homeless LGBTI Jamaicans have found refuge in the storm drainage systems of Kingston — known locally as the gully. For trans girls and gay men unable or unwilling to hide their sexuality, the sense of community and relative safety the gully provides acts as a welcome sanctuary, and for many, a hope of change to come.


Day 4 - Black History Month - Susie Carmichael

Debuting in the Rugrats episode "Meet The Carmichaels" (1992), Susie was the first (and only) Black Rugrat to join amongst the ranks of Tommy and the gang.

Susie is the complete antithesis of Angelica Pickles. As Angelica would lie and try to frighten the babies daily, Susie would do the opposite. She is very kind and honest with them, giving them facts about real world objects and events that would otherwise be used in Angelica’s devious arsenal of lies.

For her young age, Susie was quite intelligent and gifted. Skilled in ballet dancing, singing, and even being able to speak and understand French. Making her the envy and rival of Angelica.

In the spin-off series, "All Grown Up", it is revealed that Susie now has become fluent in TEN different languages. Which is noted in the episode "Runaround Susie". Her singing and dancing capabilities have increased substantially, upstaging (her “rival”) Angelica in this areas. It is also shown that Susie is an ace student, as well.

Though there aren’t many facts about her, Susie Carmichael’s character proves that Blacks in cartoons can go beyond the stereotypical archetype. She proves that we are capable of so much beyond what we’re typically portrayed as. She is a great character for young Black children to relate to.